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Assembled Box Kit with Pura Frames (Premier Bee Products)

Assembled Box Kit with Pura Frames (Premier Bee Products)

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Premier's commercial-grade assembled Pura kits are the ultimate houses for your bees. Our kits come with Premier's double-waxed frames. (Add custom engraving for $1.50 per box!)

Stronger dovetail joints secured with Hivebond 4000 wood glue and hot-dipped, galvanized nails ensure these boxes are built to withstand any climate.

Complete with pre-installed, double-waxed frames, these kits comes ready to stack atop your 8- or 10-frame equipment to accommodate your growing apiary or replace older equipment.

Choose from 8- or 10-frame sizes. The black foundation color of the deep frames makes it easier to spot eggs against the dark background, and the medium frames come with yellow foundation.

10-frame dimensions: 19-7/8” (length) x 16-1/4” (width) x 6-5/8” (height) (Medium), 19-7/8” (length) x 16-1/4” (width) x 9-5/8” (height) (Deep)

8-frame dimensions: 19-7/8” (length) x 14” (width) x 6-5/8” (height) (Medium), 19-7/8” (length) x 14” (width) x 9-5/8” (height) (Deep)

Frame dimensions: 19” x 6-1/4” (Medium), 19” x 9-1/8” (Deep)

Foundation color: Yellow (Medium), Black (Deep)

Foundation wax coat: Double coat of 100% rendered capping beeswax from A.H. Meyer & Sons

Box & frame material: Commercial-grade eastern white pine

Foundation material: Virgin, food-grade plastic (BPA-free)

Made 100% in the USA

Pick-up Instructions

Shipping NOT available. Pick-up ONLY. We regularly travel across the state of Nebraska and can usually meet you in your area within the state. We are located near Grand Island and Kearney and have more availability in that area. We will contact you when we receive your order to work out pick-up details.

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