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InstantVap 18V (Lorob Bees)

InstantVap 18V (Lorob Bees)

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Introducing the InstantVap 18V - The Beekeepers' Trusted Partner in Hive Treatment! The InstantVap 18V emerges as a front-runner in the world of oxalic acid vaporizers. Tailored for both passionate hobbyists and professional beekeepers, the InstantVap 18V offers an impeccable blend of quality, efficiency, and reliability. Moreover, it's the superior oxalic acid vaporizer that's compatible with a broad range of major brand batteries within the USA.

🐝 Craftsmanship: Designed with precision in Hungary, the InstantVap 18V promises top-tier craftsmanship you can trust. Any warranty work is seamlessly handled within the United States, ensuring a hassle-free experience for our valued customers.

InstantVap 18V Distinguished Features:

  • Battery Protection System: Advanced safeguards against unforeseen power issues.
  • Voltage Meter: Real-time power monitoring.
  • Adjustable Plunger: Flexibility from 1g-4g of oxalic acid.
  • Robust Stainless-Steel Construct: Our commitment to longevity.
  • Replaceable Stem: Designed for extended product life.
  • Swift 25-Second Treatment Times: Time-saving efficiency.

🔋 Battery Compatibility & Insights: Please note, batteries are not included with the unit.

InstantVap is compatible with the following major brand batteries:

  • DeWalt XR OR FLEX (20v or 20v/60v) NOT POWERSTACK
  • Milwaukee (M18)
  • Makita (18v LXT) - special order please Contact Us
  • Rigid (18v) - special order please Contact Us
  • Bosch (GBA/ProCore 18V) - special order please Contact Us

Each unit is precision-engineered for compatibility with the specific battery connectors of these brands. To ensure optimal performance, we strongly recommend using a 5AH or larger battery. Avoid Dewalt "Powerstack" sub-brands and opt for recognized brand batteries from stores like Home Depot and Lowe’s.

Dosage and Battery Recommendations at 65F Air Temp:

Dewalt 20v 6ah:
4g Dosage: Averages at treating up to 22 hives on a full charge.
2g Dosage: Estimated to cover as many as 44 hives.

Milwaukee M18 XC5.0:
4g Dosage: Treats around 10.5 hives on a full charge.
2g Dosage: Extends to an estimated 21 hives.

Dewalt 20v 5ah:
4g Dosage: Efficiently covers approximately 9 hives per charge.
2g Dosage: Expands to an estimated 22 hives.

Dewalt 20v FLEXVOLT 20/60v MAX 6ah:
4g Dosage: Powerful performance averaging 20 hive treatments.
2g Dosage: Projects at about 40 hive treatments.

Ambient conditions like air temperature can impact battery performance. Our silicone roof feature can enhance runtime by up to 20%.

More Than a Product - A Commitment: The InstantVap 18V is our commitment to the health and longevity of your bee colonies. It’s more than just a product; it's an assurance of promoting hive sustainability. Secure your investment today!

Pick-up Instructions

Shipping NOT available. Pick-up ONLY. We regularly travel across the state of Nebraska and can usually meet you in your area within the state. We are located near Grand Island and Kearney and have more availability in that area. We will contact you when we receive your order to work out pick-up details.

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