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SimplKomb is an in-hive production method that takes the work and mess away from making comb honey - leaving you with the highest quality product, ready for sale! Try waxing with our wax cubes!

SimplKomb is the absolute easiest way to enjoy raw, natural honeycomb untouched by human hands. Your bees build right in the consumer package!

SimplKomb is designed to be inserted into hives allowing beekeepers to produce comb honey directly in the consumer package. SimplKomb fits right into the standard Langstroth medium slotted frames you already own with ease. Letting your bees get to work!

Pick-up Instructions

Shipping NOT available. Pick-up ONLY. We regularly travel across the state of Nebraska and can usually meet you in your area within the state. We are located near Grand Island and Kearney and have more availability in that area. We will contact you when we receive your order to work out pick-up details.

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