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Spring Deep Nuc

Spring Deep Nuc

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Nucs ordered after May 1, 2024 won't be ready until after May 25, 2024. Choose "by appointment".

These nucs are a full 5 deep frames (2-3 brood, 2-3 resources) and include a laying queen. (Quantity discount starts when purchasing 10 or more. Please contact us if you would like to order 20 or more.) Our bees are a genetic mix of our overwintered stock, our VSH Instrumentally-inseminated Carniolan queen, and known Nebraska overwintered feral colonies.

All nucs come with a enrollment in my newsletter and are eligible for hands-on practice or learning anytime through the season by appointment, especially for first-year beekeepers. All hives are given a temperament guarantee. I will replace any queens from 2024 nucs that become mean with proven docile stock through August 2024. (This is given at my discretion after a conversation about potential causes of temperament change.) I only ask that you pay shipping if I'm not able to meet.

*We are not doing a box deposit this year.

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Shipping NOT available. Pick-up ONLY. Please select appropriate pick-up date above to purchase.

Refunds will be given on orders cancelled prior to a week before the chosen pick-up date. We cannot guarantee a full refund if cancelled less than a week before the chosen pick-up date.

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